• 1617Lab uses MindBody Online to schedule all appointments.  Please ensure you have purchased sessions available or it will not let you schedule your session.
  • To ensure that mindfulness of our shared time is respected, we have a firm 24-hour cancellation policy.  You are fully responsible for payment of the entire session if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.
  • We are a cell free zone.  Make sure  all sounds on your phone are turned off when you enter the space and your phone remans stored away from you for the entirety of your session.  Should you need to make a call, feel free to step outside.
  • 1617Lab is a shared movement space where a few systems of work may be happening simultaneously.   Please practice awareness of your own space, focus, and mindfulness with the volume of tone of voice.  
  • Please finish food or drink before entering the space. We will provide reverse osmosis filtered water and tea upon request.